Panel & Pole Shell Scheme

Organiser’s who require a professional & ordered layout for their exhibition but maybe have time constraints for the installation or limitations on budget, will find our Panel & Pole Shell Scheme an attractive alternative to our FOGA shell scheme.

This simple clip together system takes on average half the time to installation and dismantle compared to our standard FOGA shell scheme system, which means we can pass on big savings on labour costs to you the organiser and with shorter installation and dismantle times you avoid paying additional tenancy charges at your venue.

Ideal for Exhibition and Interview booths, all of our panels are covered in Royal Blue Velcro compatible loop nylon, to allow your exhibitors to easily display posters and graphics and create their own corporate identity within each booth.

As with our standard Shell Scheme we offer a comprehensive back up service which includes site visits, floor plans and venue liaison. We also offer a full complement of associated services including provision of electrical sockets and lighting, carpet services and furniture hire.