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Furnishing an exhibition stand well can set the tone and emphasise the style of the exhibitor's product and company.

Furniture from traditional to comtemporary, or just plain functional, by providing seating, storage and a work area. Xhibit's range of furniture has been chosen to complement your stand design.

Xhibit's experience of the requirements of exhibition and event organisers has led us to provide an attractive and practical choice of furnishings for hire. There is a wide range of chairs, sofas, tables, cabinets, desks, work stations, hat stands and bar stools, to meet last minute demands or to complement the ideas of forward thinkers.

Carpeting in a selection of colours and materials is also available to help create the desired ambience. There are various houseplants too for natural decoration or to help in zoning the space.

If security is a consideration, we offer lockable cupboards, whilst sales literature can have a proper home in specially designed dispensers.

Please contact our sales office for details of our extensive range

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