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signageGraphics & Signage

Whether it’s welcome banners for the entrance to your exhibition, basic A4 directional signage around the venue, large display floor plans or graphic displays for your exhibitors, Xhibit Solutions Ltd can assist.

We know that branding forms an important part of your event and distinguishes your exhibition from competition, so all of our professional looking signage can be adapted to include the logos and colours for your event.





graphicsStand out at trade shows and exhibitions

At trade shows and exhibitions exhibitors are constantly aware that theyneed to stand out from the crowd to get their products and services noticed.

graphicsXhibit Solutions Ltd can help achieve this without the expense of a bespoke stand. By working with the exhibitor we can design and then fit graphic panels into the shell scheme system, turning a standard shell scheme space into an eye-catching stand, at a modest cost.

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